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Know what to do when your focus (and free will) is at stake

Photo by Nathan Bingle on Unsplash

WHEN was the last time you read a difficult book? One that you desperately wanted to dive in and let its contents sink in deep. When you did, how quickly were you able to absorb complex concepts? Ever had this nagging feeling that your reading comprehension has slightly declined?


A slow screeching turn

Photo by camilo jimenez

“Hello…ummm…am I speaking to Renée’s Dad?” he asks in a low tone.

Sam pauses. Trying to hold back a sudden wave of racing thoughts.

“Eh…yes yes…I’m her Dad…”

“Who…who is this?…where’s my daughter?”

“Sir…I’m Roberto…Renée’s friend…”

“I’m calling from St. Elizabethen Hospital.”

“Where?…why?…where’s my daughter??” Sam yells.

“Er…Sir…Renée…Renée got into…

Shreejit Sudhakaran

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